Thursday, April 19, 2007

Holy shit, trying to use blogger on a Japanese PC has nearly given me a stroke.
Yeah yeah yeah we havent posted anything and weve been gone a whole month, i know, pretty slack, but anyway we are leaving for India on saturday which will be strange, well be going from heated toilets (even in public facilities) to shitting in the street which i may try (when in Rome..., that kind of thing.)
Japan has to be the best country in the world. There is very little crime, but when there is, its some kind of bizarre fucked shit like killing an english girl, cutting her up and then putting the pieces in to a bathtub full of sand. that particular incident happend when we arrived,and i ask you, what the fuck is that about?
Anyway, on our first night we were walking about the streets checking out all theweird shit and there are unlocked bikes everywhere, you want a bike, you pluck it from the tree sort of thing. Everyone seems to trust each other in some weird quasi socialist sort of way and as a visitor you dont want to rock the boat. so unlike Italy, we havent stolen anything, shit we havent even really JWalked. The people are really friendly, too friendly in fact by the end of Japan we are kind of over it, if some dude asks us f we need help i just kind of walk away and leave Anna to deal with them.

By the way hipsters, Bape is totally played out here its sort of like wearing WuWear and thinking your hot shit, and all those crazy Dunks and AirForce1s that people pay morgages on in AUS are dirt cheap here, half price in fact. saying that, the whole Tokyo fashion is kind of bullsht, Most of the girls dress like cheap StKilda Whores, or fucked up Ravers,(same with the Guys) we were pretty dissapointed about that but its still a laugh.
We stayed in a capsule hotel in TOkyo, it was a funny sort of place, you walk in and go to a vending machine and and putyour money in , then you take the ticket that spits out of the machine and hand to the midget smoking behind the desk, he then gives you a key that opens a locker that contains pyjamas a towel and a really shit toohbrush. all the people walking around are about 50 or 60 and are wearing the PJs so the place kind of psychiatric home feel to it. then you go up to your floor, and enter a long room with beige plastic holes in the wall. The capsules them selves are quite roomy, about a metre high and 198cm long (i know this particular detail because i just fit lengthways lying down. you get a little TV and if you put 500 Yen in the slot you get porno, unfortunatly i was 10 yen short so i just kind of sat there staring at people on the free to air channel spit gibberish at me.
The bars here are awesome, we were hanging out a lot in Asakusa nort east of Tokyo
and there are all these bars that only sit around six or seven people, the One we went to quite a bit was called JDs, it was tiny the first nightwe where there we rolled down with a couple of english kids and an Italian guy that worked for google, anyway the bartender loved our asses and started shouting us Jack Daniels shotsand every beer we bought there was a shot on the house, at around 1am he locked the front door and got completly smashed, he could barely walk by the time we left at bout 5am. and to top the night off, the Italian Google guy paid for all of our beers for the night so Anna and i had a free night out.
Japan is NOT as expensive as everyone says it is, it is on par with Australia or cheaper. food is cheaper, beer is the same as Aus (and you can get it from vending machines on every corner.) even clothing is around the same price as australia, Those toys thats nerds wet themselves in Aus for are dirt cheap, all that shit Nicky sells at Hudson you can pretty much get at the airport giftshop or 100 Yen stores (japanese 2dollar shops). i Fucking love it here i could live here in a second if i knew the language.
Thats enough from me for now
more on saturday (i got a lot of catching up to do)


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