Sunday, April 22, 2007

So I don't know if anyone actually reads this thing but at least we cant get in trouble for not emailing anyone. It's no worse than group emails right??

After Kyoto we headed down to the south island to a little place called Beppu, having emailed a hostel at 11pm the night before about accomodation. With no phone number, and no email access to check for confirmation, we figured we'd just take a stab in the dark and rock up. When we got there, there were plenty of rooms available, we were possibly the only guests there. It was very eerie. A japanese hippy woman showed us in. The place was huge and really open. We filled out the forms and found the room was only half the price we had expected. Our rooms were massive, bigger than anywhere else we stayed in Japan. It all felt to good to be true. Sym was sure it was like one of those 'it happened to a friend of a friend' stories and that there was no way we getting out of there alive. Turns out it was a converted hospital so we were probably just picking up on all those ghost vibes.

Beppu is famous for its hot springs. Its really strange to be walking around and suddenly just see bursts of steam coming out of the ground. Our first hot spring was amazing. It was a private onsen in the mountains, with a waterfall just behind and greenery as far us the eye can see. Very relaxing after a chaotic few weeks.

In contrast, we went to a communal unisex mud bath. Even though it is unisex, there are seperate pathways for the guys and the girls and the bath is divided by a bamboo pole. I didnt realise this however and walked done the guys path, getting an eyeful of naked yakusa and quite a few dirty looks. We didn't stay there long.


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