Sunday, April 22, 2007

Big shout out to the BEPPU CREW, you know who you are.

Beppu was nice and steamy, in the hills down Kyushu way, steam spews from the ground its pretty wild, awesome hot springs, but one downfall; It fucking stinks of rotten eggs from all the sulphur that comes out with the steam. It can be hard to relax when it smeels like somebodies bowels have exploded. Getting over this we decided to try out a communal mud bath. On paper this seemed ok, sure we had to be naked in front of a bunch of strangers but its all about the experience and it would be nice in the mud right? Wrong, the place was pretty dingy and Anna decided to walk through the male section where a couple of naked Yakuza guys (you cant miss them when theyre naked, crazy tattoos) who gave Anna the evil eye, i thought they were gonna cut me for being with her. the actual mud bath was kinda not what we expected, it stunk real bad and the mud was more just murky water (Read: Yarra).
As we were leaving the bathhouse the bus was just leaving so we decided to walk back to the hostel. We could see the beach because we were so high up ain the hills and we knew that our hostel was near the beach, i estimated half hour walk max, we would pprobably beat the next bus back i thought. Two hours later we finally reach our hostel really fucking exhausted, shit looked real close when we were up on that hill. The next night we were just chilling at the hostel when this viet australian dude stumbles in looking real tired, after talking to him we find that he did the exact same thing as us, beat the bus home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one bruva!!

Mountain man will be a watchin!

Yo shut the fuck up chico man!

10:26 am  

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