Sunday, April 29, 2007

Next was Hiroshama. If you are ever feeling to damn happy and want a really depressing holiday, go to Hiroshima. I cried of course but hey I cry watching the news so it's no big surprise.

On to Nagoya. Well actually Nisshin, about half an hour out of Nagoya by train. Shannon and Ryan are living there at the moment so we went and spent a week with them. Nisshin is a sleepy little town, nothing special, kinda like the outer suburbs of Melbourne. It was really good to see where they have been living and working for the last 9 months though and it was great to have a base again for a week. We experienced our first ever earth quakes. The whole place shook. It was kinda cool. We did go to a great little restaurant there. It is set up with 5 booths, each with it's own chef specialising in different foods. Went went to the one Shannon and Ryan call 'the iron chef'. He cooks everything in front of you, even tailors things for vego's.

Nagoya has a nice feel to it. More understated than Tokyo. Much more liveable. A lot like Melbourne actually! It also has Syms favourite place from the whold trip - the Robot museum. We got to ride segways. I was waaaayyyy better at it than Sym. They are really fun, if only they weren't so expensive...

Our last stop on our Japan trip was Hida Furukawa to visit Bec and Angus. It's a really pretty, traditional town in the (cold) mountains. Lucky for us, they had the week off work so were able to show us around and introduce us to lots of their friends.

The first night we had a sushi party at their calligraphy teachers house. The place was amazing. Exposed dark timber beams, thatched roof, and just really nice and open. She is also a potter and has some of the most beautiful pottery I have ever seen. We went to their zen archery class which was... strange. I can't say if I like or dislike it because I really didn't get it, but it certainly was relaxing and a really interesting thing to have been to. We also went to the wood museum. Dont think Sym was to into it because I kept breaking things....

Next, Osaka, quick overnight stop, to the airport, stop over in Bangkok, on to Dehli.


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