Monday, May 07, 2007

Well there are plenty of good things about India but there are equally as many bad things. I am pretty sure Sym will let you know all about the bad things so I figure I should start by telling you all the good things.
  • Mohits family. We are staying with a great family in Delhi and using this as a bit of a base. They have been so good to us and have made us feel really welcome.
  • Auto-Rickshaws. Once you get past the heckling over the price and trying to determine whether you are being totally ripped off or just a little bit, and laid ground rules about not detouring by any friend or relatives shop, they are ace! The traffic is crazy and theres no way I would want to be driving, but its fun ducking and weaving in these shitty little vehicles. When they break down they just push them over sideways on the side of the road and start banging them with a hammer.
  • Food. The vegetarian section of the menu is bigger than the 'non-vegetarian' section. mmmm.
  • Weddings. If you ever have a chance to go to an Indian wedding, snap it up. They are soooo much fun. We accidentally ended up in the parade with the grooms side and danced like whities until we were about to pass out from heat exhaustion.
  • Taj Mahal. This is just as beautiful as it looks in all the pictures.
  • Giant Sun Dials. There are two sun dial and other-astrology-based-dial parks in India. They are amazing, quite abstract looking, huge and a brilliant terracotta colour.
  • Cows. Top of the ladder here. If a cow wants to cross the road, then the traffic stops. If a cow wants to stand in the middle of the road and just chill for a bit, then the traffic diverts around it. There is nothing a cow cant do as long as it doesn't cross the border....
  • Monkeys. Found in abundance, these little guys are so cute (at least from a distance). I have never seen monkeys in the wild like this. They look healthier than half the people cause they can eat just about anything.
  • White Water Rafting. What fun! Why haven't I ever done this before???
  • Swimming in the Gange's. Thats right we swam in the Ganges river and survived. It was fun too. Swam in the rapids and jumped off a 8m high rock into the river.
  • Rishikesh. A cool little river side town. Best place we went in India. Just chilled and more laid back than the bigger places but still has loads of character.
  • Yoga. They actually have a yoga move here that simultaneously cures cancer, STD's, constipation, diabetes, labido problems, heart disease, and more. Amazing isn't it!
  • Trucks. They have the prettiest trucks here that I have ever seen. Each one is a little piece of art in it's own right.
  • McDonalds. Yes thats right. McD's is actually good here and with 40+degrees ever day, at least you know they have good refridgeration. Enough excusses.


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