Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Firstly a big shout out to my girls Tash and Sammi - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both. We bought cards but didnt send them, oops.

So we are in the Netherlands at the moment. We arrived with hangovers and heavy packs. We stayed with Karyn and Tom for the first few days in Amsterdam before hiring bikes and leaving the sleaze of the city behind us. The country side is beautiful and appart from the occasionally vicous winds, riding is easy. We've got these crumby bikes, single speed with hard seats and cute baskets. Sym managed to get three punctures and a busted wheel but no serious injuries and we havent killed each other yet. We rode to the Hague and tried to guess were Wendy hung out. Its a cool dity. We stayed in this lovely little hotel that used to be a brothel. SDtill had the red lights, mirrored walls and shower in the corner of the room. Very odd.

From there we rode to Rotterdam. Its ace here. Theres so many different styles of architecture. Some really rotten and some fantastic, but somehow it all manages to work really well.

There is sculpture and art everywhere and theres a really friendly, creative vibe. So we have a few more days here before heading but to Amsterdam. Wishing we packed more than two teeshirts each.

Cant wait to hang out with everyone again really soon!

Velkom shto ze Nederlands
Well we have made it to the Nederlands, home of cheese, dykes and tolerance

Amsterdam is a lot like Prague in terms of tourists humping it to death, but unlike prague who lies there and takes it, Amsterdam seems to scream for it. The drug tourists there look like bottom level english pot dealers, you know the kind, you go to their house and theres a black vinyl couch and tropical fish tank in a pitchblack room, coincidently a lot of the coffee shops in Amsterdam look like this as well; very seedy.

We packed some supplies and left Amsterdam to ride north to a place called Edam (yes the cheese) this felt much better then Amsterdam. Edam is a small town that i guess is in the countryside (only 30km out of Amsterdam), thereare lots of sailboats and ponys and that sort of thing, the place is a Tommy Hillfiger/Ralph Lauren wet dream, everybody and everything is beautiful, weird.

after that we went to a bunch of other odd caravan parks in odder towns. One park we stayed in had a little old man with a shitzu dog in a golf buggy driving around the park making sure noone was getting out of line.

As Anna would have told you i havent had much luck with my rental bike. i got tree punctures in one fucking hour and then later somehow stuck my foot through the front wheel while moving (dont ask) this busted the wheel quite severly and really fucking hurt my foot.

at the moment we are in Rotterdam which is really nice, far better than Amsterdam. Im not sure why everyone talks about Amsterdam so much when the rest of the country is so much more interesting with all the same handy facilities.

The architecture here is crazy. absolute porno for those who are into that kind of thing. Heaps of art too, everywhere the whole city is like a gallery. Rotterdam is the only country we have been too in Europe that i would actually really want to live.

will post photos soon

ps. Jonas you will recieve a package soon from Amsterdam, you may want to be lowkey when you pick it up though, you know what customs are like.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

All Suummer Bin Laargin-it N Fuukink Prauge, Mun

A couple o weeks ago we left Zagreb for Prague, what a fucking hassle that was, bits of India were still stuck to me so getting out of Zagreb was prickly, Anna will tell you all about it.
Prague was once a Good looking, Dignified lady who was forced into whoredom by a bunch of out of town hicks. shes now a drunk, toothless old woman wholl tell anyone who listens how beautiful she once was. This is the best way to descibe Prague, a beautiful city being humped to into submission by fat topless English tourists and stupid American College students who are there on spring break.
The English are the worst though, they all roll into town on the weekends, get drunk, burn the locals, piss on the monuments and try to fuck their women all within an hour of arriving, its unfucking believable. The English also raise the prices of everything because they are on the most powerful currency in the world, because of this Prague is not cheap to anyone but the English, cunts . I got some primo photos of some dumb Englishman at a nightclub we were at these guys are Darwins nightmare.