Monday, May 14, 2007

Cloudless blue skies and clear water, ahh Croatia. Well more precisly, Dubrovnik. We have been here almmost a week now and could easily stay a lot longer. Its like staying at a resort where everything you could ever need for a beach holiday is just there.

We got ourselves a (very) little tent and have set up camp. We are quite dwarfed amougst all the campervans with there satalite TV and wireless internet but we like it. We call it home.
There are lots of beautiful beaches along this coast line. The water is so clear you can see the bottom even when its 4 or 5 metres deep. We have pretty much just gone to a different beach every day.

Yesterday we went sea kayaking. I kept turning left whihc was annoying but other than that it was heaps of fun. We paddled to a little island called Lokrum, a small uninhabited island. Its amazing. Beautifull cliff faces, caves, wildlife - even wild peacocks which was pretty cool. We went cliff jumping. Started small and worked our way up. However as we were leaving we saw people jumping off an even higher cliff. Will have to go back for that one.

The old town of Dubrovnick is beautiful too. Its enclosed by a massive stone wall. All the buildings and streets are stone or marble, mostly from this area so it tones in perfectly with the surrounding cliffs. There are lots of cute alleyways to explore, if you can fight your way through the sea of greys that invade every couple of days when a cruise ship comes through. Well time for a swim so more later.


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