Friday, May 11, 2007

Out of the toilet and into the warm sink of the Adriatic.
Yes finally left India, as you can guess it wasn't my cup of tea, there were so many things about India that made me want to kill, so many times i just felt a bubble in my belly that told me to walk out onto the balcony and scream to the Indian people down below, ˝YOU'RE ALL CUUUNNNTTTSSS, GHANDI TOO *˝. If it wasn't for the kind hospitality of the people we stayed with in Delhi and the fine time we had swimming and rafting the Ganges in Rishikesh i would have done some CNN type shit, maybe like aim for 200 people and see where i went from there try for, but enough hostility Symon, you're out now, its all ok.

Croatia, mmm, lovely. Croatia is a Paradise, Jewell of the Adriatic. we got in on..umm i dont know, a couple of days ago, landed in Zagreb.
Zagreb is really cool, in fact its a lot like Melbourne, thats the only reason i wouldn't live there (don't worry keen defenders of Melbourne im not dissing) , why move overseas if the place you move to is almost the same as the place you came from y'all.
we took an overnight bus to Dubrovnik, this place is awesome, absolutely stunning the water is so clear and warm to swim in, the scenery looks like its out of Tintin or that movie Porco Rosso
the foods good and everybody is like 7 foot tall and topless, yes Jonas you would love it here. Weather is fine too.
Ahhh yes, Croatia, sweet Croatia who hath taken thee away from shit and death and chicken korma.


Anonymous Nickers said...

Good to hear nothing's change since last summer. Lap it up guys!

1:19 am  

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